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Texthelp tools are leading education technology solutions that help learners to read, write and understand. Working together to create inclusive learning environments where students have the consistent support they need to succeed.

It's our core purpose to help everyone to understand more and achieve more.

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Our digital tools for inclusive learning

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Help every student read, write and learn with confidence.

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Take math beyond paper and pen.

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Make PDFs accessible and actionable.

How our products help

Whole school

For schools, our products work together to build an environment where everything is easier to understand. There are features and tools to support every student, from English Language Learners (ELLs) to Special Ed and high achievers. With the right type of support every learner in every subject can understand more and achieve more.

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Texthelp tools are designed with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles in mind and will complement your existing inclusive practices. UDL is an approach to teaching that aims to minimise barriers and maximise outcomes for all learners. At its core is the understanding that learners are highly variable and have different strengths, challenges and preferences.

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Special Ed

For too long, students in special education have come up against many barriers to learning. With Texthelp tools, students in special education can access and engage with lessons with confidence, alongside their peers. The accessibility features in our tools help students in special education to read with confidence, get their thoughts down on paper and increase their understanding and engagement in maths.

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Dyslexia is the most common learning condition, affecting up to 1 in 10 students globally. Students with dyslexia can face challenges when reading, writing and processing information. Texthelp tools equip dyslexic students with discreet literacy support to help them navigate texts and articulate the ideas they want to express.

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Texthelp tools provide literacy and translation support, helping ELL students to break through language barriers. Whether they’re looking at a document, webpage or PDF, they can translate text at the click of a button. There are also tools to help students build vocabulary and familiarise themselves with new words and phrases.

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We all learn and understand math in different ways. Some learners prefer to work out problems by graphing, some prefer to talk it out. Moving to digital solutions can support you to deliver more inclusive learning experiences in the math classroom. With Texthelp tools, students have choice in how they engage and understand math problems.

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Closing the achievement gap

Watch the below video to find out how Plymouth-Canton is closing the achievement gap by using Read&Write as a UDL tool for all students. 

Perfect partners

With the Texthelp toolkit, you can create digital spaces where all students can access and engage in learning.

Read&Write, OrbitNote and Equatio work together across platforms for seamless support, no matter the subject.

Give your students the tools they need to succeed in reading, writing, solving math problems and more.

Our challenge as a district is how can I make sure that all of our students who want to be in these pathways, can be successful in these pathways? With tools like Read&Write, Equatio and the resources that are available - everything Texthelp does and stands for helps break down barriers. Our district is big on that. "

What sets us apart

We've designed a suite of literacy and numeracy tools that are easy to use and integrate seamlessly into every learning space. They’re as diverse as our classrooms. So whether you’re a Microsoft, Google or Apple school, our tools elevate student learning even further.

We're committed to providing total learning support, ensuring every student's journey is enriched, secure, and effective.

Our Texthelp Academy gives you easy access to product guides, video tours, FAQs and resources so you can get the best value out of our tools. And if you’re ever feeling stuck, you’re only a call or click away from a friendly Texthelper.

We don’t just sell software

We have a customer retention rate of over 95%. That’s because when you buy from us, you get more than just software. You get a partnership, and we’re with you every step of the way.

When customers come onboard, we help with deployment, installation or licensing. They have always-on access to our tech support team. Plus, instant upgrades to the latest version of our tools.

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