Our vision

We want to see a world where difference, disability or language are no longer barriers. 

At Texthelp it’s our mission to unlock everybody’s full abilities and realise their unique potential. To do this we create smart, easy to use technology that help everyone read, write, express their thoughts and share information more accurately & fluently – whether they’re studying, working or simply in their daily lives

At Texthelp we see a world where accessibility doesn’t have to get in the way of everybody leading more satisfying, productive lives and a world where nobody’s held back by age, language, difference or disability.


Our values

Fun and curiosity
Tenacity and empowerment
Respect and integrity
Texthelper holding a balloon


Brighten the mood. Have fun. Make sure everyone else is having fun. Seriously. 



So stop and take a moment to question the status quo. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself ‘why?’ and ‘what if?’
wondering is wonderful
stick at it: texthelper climbing a mountain


We’re always happy to roll up our sleeves and get the job done, working together to overcome any obstacles.


The best person to make stuff happen is you. As a company, we thrive on innovation… so go right ahead and give yourself permission to do something extraordinary.
own it: texthelper painting
Texthelpers with arms linked


We’re all in this together. And that’s why it matters to respect the viewpoint and values of all our customers and colleagues.


Treat others with the same dignity and consideration you’d expect yourself… and take pride that what we’re doing helps millions of people’s lives.
Texthelpers helping each other