Read&Write for Windows is now Exam Ready


Read&Write for Windows offers useful tools to support students in their daily reading, writing and studying, helping them to be more independent and productive learners. However when it comes to taking exams, rules and regulations often restrict the use of many of those tools. That’s why we have introduced a new Exam Mode feature in Read&Write for Windows, which allows for the toolbar to be restricted to just those features approved for exams. It can be easily configured for a handful of students or even an entire network of computers. So students can continue to use approved Read&Write features when taking exams, and schools and colleges can meet exam requirements.

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Top 6 Takeaways from EdWeek’s Pathways to Personalized Learning Summit


This week we have another guest blog post from Andrea Ferrero the co-founder of Pockets Change.

Personalized learning starts when we focus on making learning personal. It’s about igniting student’s passion for learning and empowering students with tools and strategies to reach their individual goals.

As a newer model of learning, there are still a lot of questions surrounding implementation. The virtual Pathways to Personalized Learning Summit, hosted by EdWeek and sponsored by Texthelp, brought educators, administrators, and edtech teams together to look at these big questions and chart pathways forward.

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Why EquatIO is Setting Teacher Twitter Ablaze


This is a guest blog post from Deanna Toxopeus, an Itinerant Teacher of Assistive Technology at Ottawa Carleton District School Board. The original can be found on Deanna's personal blog: Muffins and Shenanigans.

EquatIO is a program that is setting Teacher Twitter ablaze. It works on top of several different programs and browsers to allow you to do math on the computer. Unlike many other things on the market, the user still has to do the thinking and the work. It doesn’t do the math for you.

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Thank You & Season's Greetings from the Texthelp Team


It’s that time once again. Time to reflect on the year just past and to look forward to the fresh new year ahead. So, thank you for your support of the AsiaPac Texthelp team over the past 12 months. We have sincerely enjoyed working with you and your team. Our AsiaPac family is growing with over 500,000 Texthelp users in the region and we wanted to say a special thanks for giving your students the best platform on which to thrive!

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