TCEA’s Focus on Empowering Exploration


Last week, attendees at TCEA 2019 had the honor of hearing Dr. Mae Jemison speak. Dr. Jemison was the first woman of color in the world to travel into space and is currently an advocate for the importance of STEM learning to foster the next generation of problem solvers and leaders.

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From Education to Workplace: Assistive Technology for all stages of life


Technology has changed the face of education. And for many students with disabilities, it has leveled the playing field amongst their peers and enabled them to realize their true potential. That's why we attend events like ATIA, which help schools and educators who are seeking to improve their knowledge of how best to support students with learning difficulties and provide them with tools and learning strategies to help students achieve that potential.

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FETC 2019: Texthelp Takeaways

The weather was a bit of a disappointment in Florida last week, but FETC certainly was not!

FETC (The Future of Education Technology Conference) is one of the largest in the U.S.,. The conference format allowed attendees to join in hour-long sessions, 20-minute quick talks, poster presentations, blogger’s cafe’ all whilst dipping in and out of the exhibit hall conversing with vendors! It is one of the most exciting places to learn so much from so many different people, companies, organizations, and students.

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