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EDUTECH SYDNEY 2018: Top EdTech tips from the Texthelp/ EdTechTeam booth

If you visited our booth or attended one of our sessions at EduTech Sydney, you will know we ran an online competition - for attendees to post their key learnings from the sessions on the hashtag #EdTechWinAU. I thought I’d share some of these with you. 

EduTech Sydney - WHAT A BLAST! 
If you were there, I’m sure you would agree that it was a brilliant event - full of great hints and tips for all educators. 

EduTech Team
We were delighted to host a booth with the EdTechTeam, and along with them, we ran EdTech sessions non stop throughout the two days. Our very own Greg O’Connor held sessions on digital maths, STEM, literacy and all things accessibility. 
The booth/ teacher theatre was bursting at the seams with those interested in taking key learnings back into their classrooms, and very intrigued passerbys.  
If you visited the booth or attended a session, you will know we ran an online competition - for attendees to post their key learnings from the sessions on the hashtag #EdTechWinAU. I thought I’d share some of these with you: 

‘I can design an app - something I never thought I'd be able to say’ 

Chris Betcher from the EdTechTeam held the session - Build a mobile app in 20 minutes. And indeed, an app was created within 20 minutes! 
Chris took us through Android App Inventor - the powerful simple tool for creating mobile apps and learning the core ideas of computer programming. Interested in this nifty tip? - rewatch the session here

‘The Texthelp PDF Reader - What a great way to make typical paper worksheets more interactive and useful for students’

Greg O’Connor held the session - ‘Making documents accessible with Texthelp PDF Reader and Snapverter’. 
Greg explained that making paper documents digital has just become much easier, and much more accessible! Interested in finding out more

‘#adobespark such an easy tool for students to use and it’s free’ 

Chris Betcher from the EdTechTeam ran the session ‘Spark your students' creativity with Adobe Spark’. 
Adobe Spark provides easy to use tools for creative expression in the classroom. Rewatch the session here to learn how your students can create beautiful media quickly and easily for any curriculum area.

‘Fluency Tutor: Incredible tool to assist teachers analyse student reading’

Our very own Greg shared the ‘Top 4 reasons to use Fluency Tutor for Google with students’. 
Beneficial for students and teachers - Fluency Tutor makes reading aloud fun and instructive, while saving time for busy teachers to support reading fluency and comprehension. Find out more here.

‘@ExtensityChrome to help manage all of your great Chrome Extensions!’ 

Lisa Thumann from the EdTechTeam ran the session ‘Meeting the needs of ALL Learners’ and mentioned some very useful extensions and features in Google Drive.  
Interested in learning more about Google Chrome and the Extensity Chrome extension - listen to Lisa’s session here
And in case you missed it, we worked on some math tips with the EdTechTeam. Check out this handy poster for all your digital math info.  
Thank you to all that shared their learnings with us. I also need to give a special shout out to one booth visitor, Kellie Kremmer - who tweeted for the first time EVER during one of the sessions - thank you Kellie and we hope you’re enjoying Twitter. 
I hope you found this blog useful. If you would like any further information from any of the content from the sessions, please do contact us in the comments section below and we will be in touch as soon as possible. 


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