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Universal Appeal: the biggest ever UDL‑IRN Summit

The stage is set….Doubletree at the Entrance to Universal Studios in Florida is the venue for the upcoming, hotly anticipated UDL-IRN International Summit, billed as the meeting place ‘Where UDL Leaders Come to Learn’. Proudly supported by Texthelp, this year’s Summit will welcome over 400 delegates in person, plus hundreds more joining online from around the world. Read on to discover all that's going on during the conference...

While its roots lie in the US, Universal Design for Learning has blossomed into a global phenomenon. Attendees from the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific prove the point, united in their enthusiasm to connect UDL with an even broader audience.

The Texthelp team has engaged with a range of UDL ‘rockstars’ – spanning educators, academics, researchers and nonprofits – to hear about what they’ll be covering in their talks during the event. Take a look!

Katie Novak - When UDL Doesn't Go So Smoothly

We can all learn from our mistakes. And at this year’s UDL-IRN Summit in Orlando, Florida fwe’ll be hearing a very personal perspective on failure from a leader on inclusive learner-focused education. In anticipation, here's a preview of what Katie Novak will be speaking about at the conference.

Joni Degner - UDL From a Human Perspective

Joni Degner will be urging us to think about UDL from a human perspective – and dial out unconscious biases that can unintentionally overlook the real needs of students ‘on the margins’, including learners from disadvantaged demographic groups, ELLs and reluctant learners.

Sue Hardin - A Positive, Inclusive Pathway to UDL

In her ‘End of Average’ talk at this year's UDL-IRN, Sue will ask how we can make every educator’s pathway to UDL success the positive, inclusive experience it should be. Read more ahead of the conference.

Loui Lord Nelson - Responding to External Stresses with UDL

As busy professionals we often complain about being ‘time poor’. But it takes on another meaning in low-income households where parents may be battling to hold down multiple jobs, feed young mouths and simply cope with everyday struggles to survive. Read what Loui Lord Nelson has to say ahead of UDL-IRN.

Luis Perez - Getting from 'Here' to 'There'

How do we get from Here to There? Acclaimed instructional designer Luis Pérez will be taking educators on a thought-provoking journey at this year’s UDL-IRN Summit, exploring technology’s role in UDL – while encouraging educators and learning designers to think about how they can best accommodate tech within their own practice.

Jason Carroll - Creating a level playing field for today’s students

A whole lot can happen in the space of a generation. And it’s easy to underestimate all the good stuff that happens incrementally, often without us even noticing. At this month’s UDL-IRN Summit, Texthelp’s Jason Carroll reflects on the exciting opportunities for young learners that simply didn’t exist twenty years ago... and tech’s essential role in this positive transformation.


What are you looking forward to at this year's UDL-IRN? Let us know in the comments below!


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