Practice Expression with Fluency Tutor


The ability for students to express themselves accordingly based off what they are reading is an important skill that will help them transition to both higher education and the workplace.

Fluency Tutor for Google provides a great way to help students practice their expression when reading. Not only can students practice their reading over and over again, listening back to themselves as they go, but they can also share with their teacher to get feedback as well.

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Practice Reading Aloud with Read&Write for Google Chrome


A few weeks ago we announced several new features and enhancements to Read&Write for Google Chrome™ just in time for back to school. In both our blog post and webinar we also hinted at some additional updates coming soon. 

We’re happy to announce that the first of those updates, a new Practice Reading Aloud feature, is now available. 

The Practice Reading Aloud feature lets students select any text from a Google Doc or the web, practice and record themselves reading it aloud, listen to their recording, and even share it with their teacher! And it’s a completely free feature - the first new free feature to be added to the toolbar since Read&Write launched!

Keep reading for additional details on how it works, as well as a short overview video.

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