Read&Write supports Universal Design for Learning (UDL) at Chagrin Falls


Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a popular education framework that supports all students, no matter their learning level or preferred style of learning. Therefore, Edtech that is designed with UDL in mind has tools and features that support a diverse range of learners. The staff and students at Chagrin Falls Schools in Ohio have shared with us how Read&Write has improved learning for every student.

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Edtech and a whole school approach to Literacy


If your school is considering a whole school approach this year and you're thinking about what kind of tools will help, our latest video should give you some ideas. Claire Belk and her colleagues from Oswestry School in Shropshire have talked us through using Edtech to develop literacy strategies across their school.

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Practice Expression with Fluency Tutor


The ability for students to express themselves accordingly based off what they are reading is an important skill that will help them transition to both higher education and the workplace.

Fluency Tutor for Google provides a great way to help students practice their expression when reading. Not only can students practice their reading over and over again, listening back to themselves as they go, but they can also share with their teacher to get feedback as well.

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