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Edtech and a whole school approach to Literacy

If your school is considering a whole school approach this year and you're thinking about what kind of tools will help, our latest video should give you some ideas. Claire Belk and her colleagues from Oswestry School in Shropshire have talked us through using Edtech to develop literacy strategies across their school.

Oswestry School, based in Shropshire, England have a concentrated focus on developing literacy strategies throughout the school and across all subjects. We asked Claire Belk, Head of Learning Support, and her colleagues at Oswestry School how they were using Educational Technology to help drive literacy levels up amongst the wide ranging skillset of the student body.

In this video, Claire and her colleagues explain how the use of Chromebooks and Read&Write has helped make the curriculum more accessible for those students who have a wide variety of needs and abilities in order to help them perform to the highest of levels. .

Watch the video below to hear how Oswestry School are developing their own literacy strategies.



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