Creating an accessible Canada


Around the globe, many countries are proactively seeking a digital arena that's accessible for all. They're putting legislation in place to inform businesses of web accessibility standards and enthuse compliance - and that includes the Accessible Canada Act. But what is it and what does it mean for you?

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9 things digital marketers need to know about web accessibility


It is often said that the world around us is what disables people that are differently abled - and the sad fact is that this is often true, especially when it comes to the digital world.

When a physical space opens up to the public, we think about the accessibility for wheelchair-users and parents with prams. We do the same when planning internal layouts, to make sure customers and service users can make their way around easily and independently. We’re even addressing ways to make public situations more comfortable for our neurodiverse community, for example reducing sensory stimulation for people with Autism - and that's amazing! But what about these considerations for web accessibility?

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Why your workplace needs a dash of Autism


Masters in their field with incredible knowledge and passion which radiates brightly as they speak, but yet struggling with employment?!

Unfortunately, this is the case for many individuals on the Autistic Spectrum. In fact, 77% of adults with Autism are unemployed. A barrier exists between talented individuals and the workplaces they are destined to be, and that barrier is the current mindset within workplace environments. There's a lack of understanding in how to recruit and retain neurodiverse individuals, in a way which empowers their success. It's something we're passionate about tackling, and in light of Autism Awareness Week we're sharing a few thoughts on how to be mindful of different minds...

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What is the EU Web Accessibility Directive?


There’s no doubt the internet plays a significant, and growing, part in the way we live. We book flights online, secure hotel reservations, apply for jobs, do banking, make doctor’s appointments and research the web for offers and information that is relevant to us.  But there’s still a huge number of people in the EU unable to do this due to inaccessible websites. 

With the deadline for compliance with the EU Web Accessibility Directive fast approaching, are you ready?

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Why is web accessibility important?


So much has changed in the last two decades. In fact so much has changed in the last two years. As a blind person I’m just one example of how tech has helped improve the life choices for people with disabilities. But when it comes to the digital world, technology can only help us to gain access if it's made accessible.

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