7 ways to support neurodiverse employees working from home


A time of uncertainty is overwhelming for anyone, but for neurodiverse employees unexpected changes can cause additional challenges. 

As we see an increase in remote working, we’re seeing our colleagues cocooned in the safety of their homes. We’re thankful to our employers for their safeguarding efforts, and feel lucky to have the ability to work from home - we’ve been given that protective barrier that many employees around the world are seeking. But in the midst of it all, it’s important to remember that there are some struggling with this temporary form of reality.

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Neurodiversity at work: a 360 degree view


In this guest blog, we hear from our friends at auticon, an International IT service provider with a mission to 'improve the employment prospects of autistic people through providing high quality careers, shifting perceptions in the workplace, and encouraging others to welcome neurodiversity to their wider workforce'...

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Neurodiversity exists in the world and should be in the workplace too


1 in 7 people are neurodiverse, yet only 10% of employers say they actually consider neurodiversity in their people management practices. That means employers are missing out on some simple but effective adjustments they could make to recruit and retain members of the neurodiverse community - a community of individuals who bring a wealth of talent to any organisation.

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10 ways to support employees with Autism


Making sure employees are happy should be a priority within the workplace, after all they are the do-er’s who help the business to grow. Taking some time aside to reflect on their working environment and what adjustments could be made to make their day to day a little brighter, will have huge benefits for productivity and employee retainment.

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Why your workplace needs a dash of Autism


Masters in their field with incredible knowledge and passion which radiates brightly as they speak, but yet struggling with employment?!

Unfortunately, this is the case for many individuals on the Autistic Spectrum. In fact, 77% of adults with Autism are unemployed. A barrier exists between talented individuals and the workplaces they are destined to be, and that barrier is the current mindset within workplace environments. There's a lack of understanding in how to recruit and retain neurodiverse individuals, in a way which empowers their success. It's something we're passionate about tackling, and in light of Autism Awareness Week we're sharing a few thoughts on how to be mindful of different minds...

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