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Today, we released a new version of Browsealoud (Browsealoud 2.3.6 to be exact!) We’re extremely excited about this release because it makes Browsealoud more usable by everyone. 

We’re constantly striving to provide world class digital inclusion software. Browsealoud, adds real value to our customer’s websites - making them more accessible to a much wider audience and empowering their customers to browse the web independently.

let’s recap - what is Browsealoud?

Browsealoud helps millions of people to understand information on websites.  In the UK, over 12 million people lack the digital skills necessary to use online services - from applying for jobs, booking flights or researching the web for offers and information.

Our users are at the heart of everything we do so we provide Browsealoud free to the user, making websites and online services more accessible to them with easy ‘read aloud’ content and translation.

So, what’s new?

for users -

  • improved tabbing: users can navigate more easily around the toolbar using a keyboard
  • the tabbing outline is more defined to better show users their location when navigating
  • the size of the ‘close’ buttons and the radio buttons on the toolbar are bigger 
  • there’s more magnification sizes and voice speed options to choose from
  • we’ve added a ‘ruler’ option to the screen mask feature
  • we’ve temporarily removed the settings menu from the mobile toolbar - we’re working on making this better

for first time users -
  • Browsealoud will say ‘hi’ when you open the toolbar for the first time to introduce you to its reading support.

and, for our customers
  • Edit the audio alert for first time users to better suit your brand - change the message, switch it off altogether or have it on all the time if you have public computers.

Check it out now, click on the Browsealoud launchpad located at the top right hand side of the website.

To see Browsealoud working on your site, follow these three simple steps - don’t forget to send us your URL to activate your trial. 

We’d love to hear your feedback - simply add comments in the section below.


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