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New screen mask for Browsealoud and improved UX for Browsealoud

The update will go live on Wednesday so keep an eye out for the changes.

Recently, we’ve been working on a few Browsealoud updates to improve our users’ experience and provide more colour options with our screen mask.  The update will go live on Wednesday so keep an eye out for the changes.

What’s new

screen mask colour picker
Increasing the colour options on the colour picker from five to 15.  Users can still input their RGB colour reference for a specific shade.

What’s better

close button under settings
For convenience, we’ve added a new close button to the top and the bottom of the settings panel.  We’ve also updated the icon for the text highlight theme to make it more visually recognisable.

PDF reading 
Web owners can now add a language tag to their PDFs - this will be useful for websites with multi language PDFs.

MP3 Maker
The MP3 Maker has been updated to handle more text and show progress

To improve user experience by removing unnecessary learning and confusion, Wwe have improved the consistency of our design and visual components.

performance and compatibility
We’ve upgraded a lot of things ‘under the hood’ to improve cross-browser compatibility and fix a number of bugs.

Check out the update when it goes live on Wednesday 15th February 2017 or contact us for more information.


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