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Festival of Inclusive Education 2023

The third annual celebration of all things Inclusive Education

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About the Festival

To engage every learner, inclusive approaches to teaching and learning should follow one key rule - necessary for some, useful for all.

Join us on demand for the third annual Festival of Inclusive Education as we explore how you can put this into practice.

We celebrated all things universal support and how you can bring teaching and learning to life for all students with a whole school approach.

Meet our Festival of Inclusive Education speakers

Frances Akinde

SEND Consultant with twenty year’s educational leadership experience across primary, secondary, special/AP and local authority

Nic Ponsford FRSA FIESE

Award-winning CEO & Founder of the Global Equality Collective (GEC) and Co-Head of Education, Microlink

Emil Zankov

Leader of Innovation and Enterprise at Pedare Christian College

Susan Ward

Quality Improvement Officer (Digital Inclusion and Learning) for Midlothian Council

Gustavo Ebermann

Strategic Partnerships Manager at Texthelp

Jilanne Littlechild

Specialist Diverse Learning, Education and Research for Sydney Catholic Schools

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Explore the agenda

Why Inclusive Education matters

In our opening session, our keynote speaker will explore the whole-school approach to inclusive education, and how schools can build an effective support system using tools which are necessary for some but beneficial for all.

Universal Design for Learning

Before we can expect students to engage and excel in learning, they first need to be able to access the learning material. In this session, discover how a framework like Universal Design for Learning, or UDL can help.

Supporting students with Dyslexia

During this section of the day, we'll take a deep dive into exploring Dyslexia. You'll discover effective strategies and tools for supporting students with literacy challenges. We'll also look at how dyslexia can affect maths learning and ways of providing support.

Accessibility across the curriculum

Join us to see how Read&Write, Equatio and OrbitNote help students achieve more in literacy, maths and beyond.

The benefits of universal support

In this panel discussion, our speakers will share their experiences of using technology as a tool to support whole school inclusion.

How Dyslexia impacts maths and where Dyscalculia fits in

In this session, we explore the ways in which Dyslexia can affect maths learning. She’ll clear up some of the misconceptions about Dyslexia and discuss ways you can provide support in the maths classroom. Finally she will explore Dyscalculia and some of the challenges it can present to students.

Lessons from an educator

In our closing keynote, our speaker will share actionable advice on how to create inclusive learning environments through the lens of her own lived experiences as an individual, educator and a parent.