Maths made easy

EquatIO® for Google is an easy-to-use extension for Google Chrome. It’s a perfect partner for Google Docs plus Sheets, Forms, Slides and Drawings* - letting you add mathematical equations, formulas and more to documents with a click.

* Compatibility with Sheets, Forms, Slides and Drawings is a premium feature
Equatio Features
Equatio Math Dictation

Let’s talk maths!

Dictate equations and formulas aloud. EquatIO for Google understands what you’re saying, turning your spoken input to written expressions. It even ignores those ‘umms’ and ‘errs’ when you’re lost for words.

Handwriting recognition

Write maths freehand on your device. EquatIO for Google instantly turns your handwriting into beautifully formed mathematical expressions. With a premium subscription, you get unlimited access with no restrictions.
Handwritten Math Equatio

Maths, chemistry and formula prediction*

Great for STEM teaching, EquatIO can intelligently predict what you type, suggesting ‘square root’ when you enter ‘sq’. Just like text prediction on your phone, it can also propose options like ‘aluminum oxide’ or ‘aluminum nitrate’ as soon as you start typing ‘al’.

* Premium feature

Graphing calculator

Our graphing tool powered by Desmos makes maths visual. Simply enter any expression and see it plotted instantly. With a premium subscription, you get even more features, including the ability to overlay multiple graphs and use a dynamic slider to see the effect of changing variables in real time - great for visual learners and teachers alike.

LaTeX friendly

EquatIO for Google understands input in LaTeX, the typesetting and mark-up language that’s widely used for mathematical and scientific documents and publications.

Add maths to Forms*

Teachers can easily create interactive maths quizzes, exams and activities for students with Google Forms, and let them respond directly.

* Premium feature
Equatio for forms image
EquatIO working with Google forms and Slides

For Slides, Sheets, and Drawings too*

Bring mathematical ideas or complex data sets to life by incorporating equations and formulas directly into Google Slides, Sheet and Drawings. Students have even more freedom to express, organize, and share their thinking, while teachers can create engaging lessons that turn abstract concepts into real-life scenarios.

* Premium feature

EquatIO Mobile*

Experience the benefits of technology no matter what form the maths comes in. Use your phone or tablet to insert handwritten maths, spoken maths or images directly into the documents you are working on with EquatIO for Google. You can draw, dictate or snap a photo, and your maths is instantly viewable from your computer or Chromebook.

* Premium feature

Screenshot Reader*

Turn any equation across the web into accessible, editable maths with the EquatIO Screenshot Reader. Simply take a screenshot of the inaccessible equation to convert it into accessible maths, which will automatically be read aloud. Once converted, you can copy and paste the equation directly into EquatIO for editing or insertion into your document.

* Premium feature

Equatio math screenshot reader

Great value for students, schools and districts

EquatIO for Google is absolutely FREE for teachers. And with attractive pricing for individual students, groups, schools/colleges and districts, it adds up to amazing value. Plus, with a subscription to EquatIO for Google, you get access to EquatIO for Windows, EquatIO for Mac and EquatIO mathspace, too.

Your Students’ Subscriptions

During the first 30 days of your students’ subscriptions, they will have FREE access to all of EquatIO’s premium features across all platforms. If you’re interested in upgrading their subscription, we’ve created the Premium Version of EquatIO: 6 Ways All Students Benefit guide, which provides 6 key reasons why the premium version of EquatIO is valuable for your students and you!