Friendly features for you and your students

We created EquatIO® to help you start creating digital maths… today.

You’ll enjoy these great free features FOREVER, on all platforms of EquatIO:*

 - Speech input
 - Handwriting recognition (2 per day)
 - Support for Maths Writing Shortcuts
 - LaTex input
 - Static graphing
 - Maths-to-Speech through Read&Write integration (coming soon to EquatIO mathspace)

* Free features supported by EquatIO for Google, Windows and Mac as well as our collaborative web app, EquatIO mathspace. Additional free features are also available, depending on platform.

Even better, you can try all of our premium features (see below) for 30 days at no charge. These features will continue to be available after that time if you choose to upgrade to a paid subscription. 

What's free vs what's paid?

We’re always adding more features to EquatIO to make it even better for you and your students! Take a look and see what’s included:

  Equatio for Google EquatIO for Windows EquatIO for Mac EquatIO mathspace
  Free Premium Free Premium Free Premium Free Premium
Speech Input
Handwriting Recognition 2x per day Unlimited 2x per day Unlimited 2x per day Unlimited 2x per day Unlimited
Support for Math Writing Shortcuts
Math-to-Speech (with Read&Write) Coming Soon Coming Soon
Math, Chemistry & Formula Prediction        
Google Docs integration            
Google Forms integration              
Google Slides integration              
Google Sheets integration              
Google Drawings integration              
Microsoft Word integration        
Freehand drawing            
Desmos graphing input Static Dynamic Static Dynamic Static Dynamic Static Dynamic
Shapes/Clip Art (Geometry)              
In-Line Math             (without prediction) (with prediction)