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Save time on assessing reading

Upgrading your Fluency Tutor license couldn't be easier. Don't miss out on student reading analytics and sharing customised passages.

Top five reasons to upgrade

1. Detailed analytics on students reading progress

Consistency is key. Whether inside or outside of the classroom, you can track each student’s reading progress in exactly the same way.

With the ability for students to record reading aloud, there’s no need to change your ways of working should you have to revert back to remote learning. You’ll get an accurate picture, over time of how each student in your class is progressing. This makes reporting easier and consistent across each student and class.

2. Saving teacher time

You no longer have to call students to your desk one at a time and have them read aloud while you score them.

Fluency Tutor is great for reluctant students. It gives you an accurate picture of how they read, that’s not affected by their confidence to read aloud in front of their peers.

3. Feedback right where it’s needed

Providing feedback to students on their progress means that valuable time isn’t wasted waiting to close the feedback loop.

Students and teachers no longer have to wait for report time to see how they’re progressing with reading fluency. Students record themselves reading aloud and send it to you. You can then grade their reading and provide some recorded feedback right back.

4. Identifying struggling readers

Sometimes it’s tough to understand where a student might be struggling.

Are they simply embarrassed to read in front of their peers, or are there deeper, more serious issues? Fluency Tutor helps you to identify where reading interventions are required. Including for those students displaying delays in the development of their reading skills.

5. Assess reading comprehension

The great thing about Fluency Tutor is that you can also assess what students have learned while reading.

Fluency Tutor gives you the ability to set comprehension questions based on the passages your student read. So not only can you assess their oral reading fluency, you can also assess their comprehension, all in the same place.

What educators say about Fluency Tutor

These tools are really important pieces in our local assessment system. They’re the things that are going to help drive what we’re doing with our students and they’ll be the tools that we use when we start talking to teachers about what they need in terms of professional development as well.

How much does Fluency Tutor cost?

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