Introducing Speechstream

Our highly flexible, cloud based, language and literacy support toolbar, SpeechStream, is a widely accepted piece of software to help improve student performance by making online courseware and learning systems more accessible.

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Customizable Solutions

If you're looking for a tailored implementation, embedded into your content and fine tuned to perform, we can work in partnership with you. From creating a specific plan for your product requirements, through to software development, integration and  hosting - Texthelp provides a team of highly skilled developers, applications engineers and project managers to guarantee an easy and fast time-to-market approach, giving you the extra competitive advantage for your product.


You provide the content. We add the accessibility know-how.

Don’t worry about the back end: we do all the tough technical stuff, letting your own content and products shine. Our easy-to-use toolbars can be integrated seamlessly into your existing online learning resources. We’ll take care of development, integration, and even web hosting if you like, to create a powerful learning solution for your customers. And we can act quickly, making sure you get to market in the shortest possible time.

Supporting your brand and business objectives

First, we’ll listen to your strategic and commercial needs. Next, we’ll propose a relevant assistive technology solution that can be integrated smoothly into your own product. Don’t worry about compromising its look, integrity, functionality or diluting your brand. Our custom solutions are exactly that, carefully developed to integrate seamlessly with your online learning resources.

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