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What is ReachDeck?

ReachDeck is an all-in-one solution that helps you to break down communication barriers. Helping you to reach both internal and external audiences. 

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  • Improve the accessibility, readability and reach of your online content
  • Comply with WCAG guidelines, helping you to minimise risk and litigation
  • Maximize engagement and build trust with a diverse audience 
  • Empower your whole team to communicate inclusively, and with confidence

Features - at a glance

  • ReachDeck Auditor Icon

    The ReachDeck Auditor identifies WCAG compliance errors against Level A, AA and AAA. It gives you a readability score, showcases the average reading age and highlights the total number of long sentences and jargon words

  • ReachDeck Editor Icon

    The ReachDeck Editor helps to improve the quality and accessibility of written content. As you type, grammar, spelling and readability errors are identified. Helping you to edit your content in line with best practice

    • ReachDeck Toolbar Icon

      The ReachDeck Toolbar supports your web visitors to engage with your online content in a way that suits their needs. Features include text-to-speech, reading and translation support

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