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Reading and comprehension tools

Reading tools that provide support for everyday literacy tasks. To help students understand and engage with class content in independent ways.

Improve reading and comprehension for all

The ability to read is a fundamental building block in a student’s learning journey. If students struggle to read they can become unengaged, which slows down their progress.

Our reading comprehension features allow teachers to create a level playing field for all students. By providing them with access to the reading support tools they need to succeed. Helping them to understand, learn and express themselves independently. So they can progress with confidence in all subject areas.

  • Help with reading and comprehension tasks 
  • Easily create accessible digital resources 
  • Allow students to take ownership of their learning
  • Give students the confidence they need to succeed

Provide more ways to access class content

The reading tools within Read&Write give students choice in how they engage with content.

With tools such as Text-to-Speech to help with word recognition. And accessibility tools including a screenshot reader and the ability to simplify online content. That suit the diverse range of learners in a classroom.

Help with word recognition and vocabulary support

Students with reading difficulties such as dyslexia can struggle to understand.

Causing them to become unengaged in their learning. The tools within Read&Write provide these students with a range of reading tools to use when and where they need them. Including Text to Speech to help with interpretation and pronunciation. As well as dictionaries to expand vocabulary.

Transform resources into interactive digital worksheets

Working with PDFs can be challenging if they are not accessible.

The screenshot reader within Read&Write allows teachers to make all content in PDFs accessible, improving workflow between teachers and students. By allowing work to be completed within the same PDF, through the use of tools such a free hand drawing tool and adding text directly on the PDF.

Closing the achievement gap for all students

Plymouth-Canton schools in Michigan (USA) saw a measurable increase in district wide reading assessment with the use of Read&Write.

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