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All the essential classroom tools you’re missing out on

With over 80 premium features, you’ll not want any of your students to miss out. The tools in Read&Write are helping millions of students boost their reading, writing and comprehension skills.

Tools for every learner

Provide students with access to a suite of ten different reading tools, where and when they need it. Giving them choice in how they access and engage with content and helping to improve their reading and comprehension skills.

Promotes independence

For students who struggle with their spelling or grammar, the writing and expression features within Read&Write allows them to check their own spelling and grammar. Giving them an added safety net to complete work independently and to a high standard.

Support students with additional needs

Read&Write is particularly useful for supporting learners with additional needs. As well as English Language Learners, students with IEPs, or those with a mild visual impairment. With three accessibility specific tools alongside the reading and writing tools, helping to create a level playing field for all.

What educators say about Read&Write

The students in our special education programs using Read&Write have gained a greater level of confidence in their work. By improving their reading and writing, they are completing more elaborate assignments and collaborating with classmates at a large scale. Some of those students have been moved out of special education and have been incorporated into the general education classes. Teachers also have an easier time creating assignments for students at all levels of education.

How much does Read&Write cost?

Free 30-Day Trial

Free access to all Read&Write features for 30 days - ideal for teachers or parents who want to try Read&Write.

No Credit Card Required

Free 90-Day pilot

Experience a full roll-out of Read&Write for a large group of users for 90 days.

Check out pricing

Our pricing page provides guide prices for Read&Write - contact our sales team to get specific pricing based on the number of users who need a license.

Do you need to purchase a single license for personal use?

If you’re a teacher, parent or individual who wishes to purchase their own Read&Write license, please use our store. You can purchase up to 10 single licenses using your credit or debit card.