Setting your teams up with the ReachDeck Editor

A quick reminder

The ReachDeck Editor is an online editor. It will help your teams to write in a way that's simple, short and clear.

Use the ReachDeck Editor to make sure your messages can be understood by everyone - inside and outside the workplace.

Sharing the ReachDeck Editor with your teams

Sharing the ReachDeck Editor with your teams is easy. Simply copy, paste and share the link to the online editor.

To help you, we’ve written an email that you can share. Use it to tell your employees all about ReachDeck, including the Editor and why they should use it.

Encourage every employee to use the ReachDeck Editor. Here's why:

Every piece of content that comes from your company is important. We know that you want your audience to connect with your messages. And find value in the information you send them. But not everyone has the same level of literacy. Or speaks English as a first language.

By using the ReachDeck Editor your teams can feel confident that the way they write can be understood by everyone. It will:

  • Help IT and Finance to cut down the amount of technical words they use
  • Support HR and Management to communicate clearly with staff
  • Encourage Marketing and Communications to keep their messages short and simple

Do you have an employee social channel?

Use all of your internal channels to let your people know about the ReachDeck Editor.

To help, we’ve written some posts for you. And created some images to help capture attention.

Using the ReachDeck Editor

The ReachDeck Editor helps you to keep readability in mind, at the time of writing. As you type it highlights jargon words, reading age, long sentences and more. To help you make best use of the ReachDeck Editor, we’ve created a handy guide.

In our guide to using the ReachDeck Editor, we cover how to:

If you have any questions, we’re here to help

Our texthelpers are on their own journey with the ReachDeck Editor. So if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to share our experiences and advice with you.

Tell your audience how you're supporting them

By using the ReachDeck Editor, your content will be much easier for everyone to understand. Let your online visitors know that you’re writing your content with readability in mind. And encourage their feedback. This will help you get to know them better. And help you to keep improving, with their needs in mind.

To help, we’ve written a statement that you can add to your website. Add it to your accessibility page. Or as a note on your homepage.

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