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Read&Write Learning & User Resources

Choose your platform or area of interest to access our latest resources for Read&Write:

R&W for Google Chrome

Installation guides, reference guides and sample exercises for Read&Write for Google Chrome users.

R&W for Windows

Installation and Getting Started guides for Read&Write for Windows users.

R&W for Mac

Installation instructions, quick reference guides and links to useful resource for Read&Write for Mac users.

R&W for iPad

Installation and getting started guides for Read&Write for iPad users.

R&W for Android

An introduction to Read&Write for Android users.

R&W for Microsoft Edge

An introduction to Read&Write for Microsoft Edge users.

Snapverter for R&W

Installation guides, FAQs, user guides and useful videos on how to get the most from Snapverter for Read&Write

Data Desk for R&W

Data Desk is a dashboard that provides several different tools and reports to teachers and administrators.

Read&Write for English Language Learners

Guides and resources on how to use Read&Write with English Language Learners.

Read&Write for Special Education

Guides and resources to show how Read&Write can be used as a support tool for learners with dyslexia and other specific learning needs.