Future Building in Education: preparing students for the future

Educators have a huge part to play in preparing our students for the future. They are responsible for fostering a lifelong enjoyment of learning, developing key skills and building confidence and self-esteem. All of which contributes to their personal and academic growth. 

Working with our partners and education experts, we’ve created Future Building in Education.

Throughout this webinar series, we'll explore ways to encourage students to develop key skills, like resilience and critical thinking. We also look at how you can incorporate new teaching methods to adapt to the changing demands of education.

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Enjoy 6 different webinars on literacy, wellbeing, maths and STEM, Universal Design for Learning, accessibility and blended learning.

Throughout the series you will learn about: 

  • Why literacy is key to lifelong learning
  • How to develop a culture that supports wellbeing
  • How to inspire students to see a future for themselves in maths and STEM
  • Practical ways to apply the UDL principles in the classroom
  • The best ways to support different learning needs
  • How to reach all learners at home, at school or in a hybrid setting

Fancy a sneak peek?

This short video shows a few highlights from the virtual event sessions to whet your appetite.