Writing prompts for kids

The key to helping students be better writers, is getting them to write more each day. Don’t worry we know that’s easier said than done! Our writing prompts can help teachers spice up their writing instruction and give students the inspiration needed to get writing.

Create better and more creative writers

From opinion writing to short stories, our resources are designed to help students connect with what they’re writing. Helping to build their writing skills and develop a love for literacy.

Narrative writing prompts

Narrative writing prompts are great for helping students to kick start a story.

Opinion writing prompts

The goal of opinion or argumentative writing is to convince the reader to share the writer's opinion.

Fun writing prompts

These fun ideas for writing prompts will help spark student creativity and imagination in no time.

Creative writing prompts

Increase student creativity with these writing prompts, ideal for getting started with a story.

Writing prompts for younger kids

Writing prompts that younger students will love. Helping to spark the interest of young writers.

Journal writing prompts

Journal writing prompts not only get students writing, but help them take time for reflection.

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