Exams and Assessment

Exams in any subject can put students who face reading and writing challenges on the back foot. Aligned with the regulations that govern examinations in the UK, we offer pupils with additional literacy needs extra help with friendly, easy-to-use computer reader software to boost confidence, accuracy and achievement in exams.

Making the exam room a level playing field for every student

Read&Write is the preferred computer reader that's approved for use in school examinations throughout the UK. This award-winning software makes exams accessible for students who have dyslexia or reading difficulties.

Available Product
  • Read&Write

Why switch to computer readers?

“A computer reader allows the pupil to independently meet the requirements of the reading standards.”*

Allowed in exams testing reading where a human reader is not permitted

  • Can be used across a wide range of exams
  • Allows students to work independently
  • Helps students to achieve their full potential
  • Reduces exam costs

* Source: JCQ Access Arrangements, Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration.

Available Product
  • Read&Write

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