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At Texthelp we’ve got a deep understanding of the challenges facing students with special education needs and English language learners.

Leveraging this unique insight and expertise, we help many of the world’s leading publishers create highly accessible, appealing, online content and student learning products. The result? Measurably improved academic outcomes for the State, College or School District working with your content.

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We make your content accessible.

Our literacy and language software tools are fully customizable, helping you to create differentiated yet highly usable educational products that stand out from the crowd. What’s more, they offer the exciting potential for publishers to generate bigger commercial returns.

Fine-tuning your own content to meet the accessibility needs of a wide audience can be complex and time consuming. We’ll take care of everything - from customization to integration, testing and even hosting - saving you precious time-to-market and money.

From adding simple text-to-speech through to custom-built toolbars, we’ll make all your online and e-book content even more accessible.

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