More and more government services are being delivered online, with non-digital legacy communication channels closing steadily to realise cost efficiencies. But what provisions are being made for members of the public without the basic digital skills to self-serve?

In addition, attracting and retaining employees from diverse backgrounds is a priority for central government and local authorities. Providing assistance with reading, understanding and communicating supports greater productivity and engagement for every employee.

Better access for individuals who need it most

In the UK, more than 12 million citizens lack the digital skills to use online government services and access information with confidence - whether it’s searching for jobs, paying a council tax bill or finding information on tax credits. Often it’s the most vulnerable social groups who need easy access to central and local government services. And yet they’re the same individuals who can be excluded from accessing online support and social provisions.

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Embracing a more diverse workplace

Understanding - and being understood - is a growing challenge in today’s diverse workplace, where almost 6 million people are born outside Australia and over 2 million people in the workforce have some form of disability. What’s more, ‘hidden’ disabilities like dyslexia can deter employees from reaching their full potential without extra support.

Satisfied employees are over 30% more productive and 10% more engaged. Assistive technology software alone has been shown to increase staff engagement and performance in the workplace by a fifth, simply by removing the barriers to communication.

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