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Society can be hugely diverse. And diversity comes in many forms. Ensuring everyone’s properly equipped to understand - and be understood - in the workplace, is more important than ever before.

That’s why organisations in the private sector are turning to digital support software such as Read&Write, to give everyone the individualised support needed - driving significant business competitiveness.

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encourage a neurodiverse workplace

Neurodivergent traits have unquestionable strengths and with a different way of processing information, individuals can thrive in particular roles. 

Let’s imagine a workplace where every employee is free from the fear of being labelled ‘different’ from their peers.

increase productivity in the workplace

Technology helps us work smarter, faster and more efficiently. But the explosion of digital devices brings with it challenges of its own, sometimes hindering the very people it’s meant to help.

Investing in productivity tools can be great for all staff – and it’s great for business too. Having such digital support in the workplace can mean up to a 30% drop in sickness absence. So providing the right tools to help people maximise their productivity is a win/win for employers and staff alike.

Productivity in the workplace

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Read&Write: boosting confidence and achievement in the workplace .

Read&Write has increased productivity and made ITV as an organisation much more disability confident.

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Read&Write: lowering barriers

The UK's leading rail network operator is working smarter with Read&Write, in the office and out in the field.

Staff literacy is right on track
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better access, additional talent 

Our digital inclusion software, Browsealoud makes online information and services more accessible. With a number of alternative formats available, including text to speech and translation, Browsealoud widens the talent pool, leading to a diverse and inclusive workplace. 

What’s more, our software can maximise the appeal of your website to the widest possible audience, converting directly into extra sales and more satisfied, loyal customers. In the UK the purple pound equates to £212 billion - a pot you may not have access to if your website is inaccessible.
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what our customers in the private sector say...


Employees reported an increase in productivity and accuracy in their role, feeling valued and appreciated following the implementation of Read&Write. The stigma attached to declaring their disability decreased/ceased to exist, and employees felt confident offering peer-to-peer support to other colleagues around the disability agenda.

Miranda Wayland, ITV

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