We know that proven impact is important...

At Texthelp, we know that providing evidence of impact for technology tools is important, that's why we share research studies completed by those who have discovered the benefits for themselves.


Supporting student literacy in the transition to secondary education

Our literacy support tool, Read&Write, was measured to assess the lasting impact of literacy intervention during the transition from primary to secondary education. The efficacy study measured the impact on student achievement across two schools in the UK.

Read&Write logo with a map of the UK, pointing out the locations of the 3 schools across England and Scotland
A map of Spain showing the location of the Vedruna Schools of Catalonia, Spain

Making an impact on student reading and writing in Spain

The positive impact of our literacy support tools, Read&Write and Fluency Tutor, were measured within one school across the Vedruna Schools of Catalonia, Spain.

Combining cost-efficiency with impact on learner acheivement

Our Read&Write tool was deployed district-wide across students within the Upper Grand District School Board in Ontario, Canada. The software was assessed for both cost-efficiency and impact on learner achievement.

Map of Canada showing the location of the Upper Grand District School Board in Ontario, Canada
A map of North America showing the location of Plymouth-Canton Community Schools

Closing the achievement gap for all learners

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools in Michigan, USA experienced a measurable improvement in their district wide reading assessment with the use of our literacy support tool, Read&Write.