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The impact on student performance, of our literacy support software Read&Write and Fluency Tutor, was measured across the Vedruna Schools of Catalonia, Spain.

Consisting of 36 centres in the Autonomous Region of Spain, the Vedruna Schools of Catalonia currently have around 22,000 pupils from Kindergarten right through to Middle and High School. Whilst a number of the schools were introduced to both Read&Write and Fluency Tutor, the efficacy study focused on one K-5 class inclusive of 30 students, and took place over the course of one school year. 

The study followed the school’s commitment to education technology, having introduced the use of Google Chromebooks a few years prior. The purpose of the study was to discover if assistive technology positively impacted student learning, particularly in regards to improving native Spanish language and grammar, in addition to the impact of those learning English as a second language and those with additional learning needs.
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