Starting the school year off on the ‘write’ foot


For many of you, “Back to School” season is beginning to heat up like well, an August afternoon. For others, you’re already well underway and back in the swing of things! Regardless of where you are in your school calendar, the WriQ team has a couple of announcements to help you get started on the “write” foot!

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Get to Know Your Students with our WriQ Challenge


For a teacher, some of the most exciting and important “lessons” to plan during the first few days of school are those that help you get to know your new students. While getting-to-know-you exercises are fun for teachers and students alike, they are also critical in building a strong foundation for the rest of the year.

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The power of personalisation: letting students be the masters of their own learning


As teachers, we can’t be everywhere in the classroom at the same time and we can’t be with each and every individual student every minute of the day. But with the right tools at hand, we can empower our students with ownership of their own learning, ensuring they receive real-time feedback and are able to move forward even without us being next to them. 

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Five Top Tips to Empower Personalized Learning


Classrooms are more diverse than they’ve ever been. But with each a melting pot of students with different strengths, challenges, as well as language and numeracy abilities, it can be difficult for teachers to cater to every student’s needs. That’s where personalized learning can really come into its own, helping students take ownership of their learning while allowing teachers to confidently support different learning styles.

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