Why it's Important to Tackle Low Literacy in Year 7


This blog post comes off the back of a recent webinar we hosted alongside Christine Cork from Target Literacy. Here she addresses the importance of tackling low literacy at the early stages of secondary school. Christine Cork is a primary and secondary school teacher, independent literacy adviser and company director of Target Literacy.

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Personalised learning: tailoring lessons for every learning style


Personalised Learning has been a much discussed topic in education for the last few years. The term is everywhere. And it’s very persuasive. It hopes to address learner variability and to make education more accessible for different learners. But, there’s nothing new about personalised learning, either as an aspiration or a practice. It’s an approach that’s as old as the hills.  

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TexthelpⓇ partners with Desmos to introduce dynamic graphing in its EquatIOⓇ Math software


Texthelp’s STEM Solution, to offer graphing capabilities via Desmos’s accessible API

September 29, 2017 Woburn, MA. Texthelp (www.texthelp.com), a leader in education support software, today announced its partnership with Desmos (www.desmos.com), the creator of the best-in-class HTML5 graphing calculator used by millions of students around the world to help them experience all the curiosity, beauty, and sense that math has to offer.

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Introducing More Ways and Places to Make Math Digital


One thing I love about math is that there are multiple ways you can tackle solving a problem. Even something as simple as an addition problem can be solved by counting on your fingers, using physical or digital manipulatives, tally marks, and so on. When it comes to more complex problems, those possibilities continue to grow.

That’s why one of our underlying goals for EquatIO was to lose the limits - making it easy to do math the way YOU want to do it, on the platforms that work for you best.

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