Innovations for Improving U.S. College Retention


“Most crisis situations are opportunities to either advance, or stay where you are.”
Maxwell Maltz

While famous author and surgeon Maxwell Maltz may not have been talking specifically about colleges when he wrote this line 50 years ago, many U.S. colleges and universities are heeding his words in order to stay alive and relevant in the 21st century.

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Bett 2016 - take-aways for teachers


Our Texthelpers have just returned from another successful Bett Show. If you missed out on a trip to the ExCel this year, don’t worry we’ve have brought back some great take-aways.

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Educational Technology and Protecting Student Privacy

Everyone is talking about Data Security and Privacy these days - and rightly so. The fantastic benefits that the Cloud and Chromebooks in particular have brought to education also have their trade-offs, and CIO’s need to be sure that suppliers are taking their responsibilities with your District and Student data seriously. 

I thought it would be useful to help schools who are going through this transition by creating a checklist - A list of questions to ask your software supplier to help manage your risk, and ensure the safety, security and privacy of your data.

Remember, under FERPA it is the District’s and School’s responsibility to look after the data - Schools need to satisfy themselves that their data is being treated properly if they entrust a software provider with it.

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4 Ways to Teach Reading after 4th Grade


When we speak of “teaching reading,” often we think that should occur for students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. For students in grades 4 and up, “teaching” reading means supporting student meaning making through higher level thinking tasks. The following four teaching suggestions will help you to ensure students understand information that’s contained in academic reading.

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Are you attending these key events? Upcoming Education Conferences in 2016

2016 is off to a busy start with many students around the world back to school and lots of interesting education conferences taking place in the next few months.

At Texthelp, we’re gearing up for three big national conferences in January and February. We thought it would be good to share information on these events (and a few others), in case you are planning to attend or considering attending with us!

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