EquatIO Mobile: Digital Maths in the Palm of your Hand


In past blog posts, we’ve discussed the value of technology in maths & STEM classrooms. Most notably, technology supports multiple means of representation and expression, it encourages group collaboration, and it provides students with rapid sharing and teacher feedback.

Despite these benefits, I’m sure we can all think of instances where more traditional forms of education still come in handy. For example, there may be some maths problems that students prefer to solve on a scratch piece of paper. Or, maybe as a teacher, you still find the whiteboard to be the easiest way to present your STEM lessons to the entire class.

We want to help you and your students merge these two forms of learning together so that you can experience the benefits of technology no matter what form the maths comes in. That’s why we created EquatIO Mobile.

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Becoming Learner Centric @ Academies Future Summit 2018


The most frequently used word at the Academies show?  -  ‘challenge’. If you think about it though, it's not all that surprising. Within the Academy structure, there are many challenges ranging from procurement through leadership to data tracking, safeguarding and technology. It’s a complex maze of decisions and strategy...

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Key Takeaways: EdTech Expo 2018


Simple and reliable. This was Abdul Chohan’s guiding principle for how tech should be to allow it to be integrated into the vision and plan for his school. It was a powerful message to send as part of the opening of EdTech Expo 2018 and certainly struck a chord with everyone there.

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EdTech tools supporting learner agency in New Zealand


Earlier this month, 85 committed teachers from schools across New Zealand joined us for our “Personalising Learning with Inclusive Technologies” workshop.  Over the course of the information-packed day, presenters from Texthelp, the EdTechTeam and Hobsonville Point Secondary School in Auckland, shared valuable insights about how to use edtech tools to empower students to be able to show what they know. Here are four key takeaways from the day.

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