Changing the Equation: Tech + Student Agency = Higher Math Engagement


This week we have another guest blog post from Andrea Ferrero the co-founder of Pockets Change.

Do you love, hate, or fear math? We each find a sense of belonging in one of these discrete sets. Our choice of which set to join also tends to directly define our level of engagement with the subject.

I chose to love math in third grade. It was a difficult decision that came down to two distinct mathematical experiences. The first was being the only third grader in my class to fail the timed multiplication test which was done round-robin style in front of everyone. The second was my dad teaching me open-ended math problems on napkins over pizza. I’m sure you can guess which one led to a love of the subject. Yet, sadly, much of the math instruction happening in classrooms is not far from my experience in third grade. It’s focused on performance, speed, and set procedures. Each time we plan a lesson or pick out a new tool, we have the incredible opportunity to reimagine math and empower students to choose to love the subject.

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My Journey from g(Math) to EquatIO (and yours)


g(Math) was my baby...Well, I actually had a baby about the same time as g(Math), but it still holds a very special place in my heart. My goal at the time, and still today, was to make digital math creation delightful, intuitive, and fun. g(Math) was the first step to reaching that goal.

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Why Fluency? A Personal Journey


This guest blog post comes from Dr. Timothy Rasinski, a professor of literacy education at Kent State University, Ohio and director of its award winning reading clinic. In this post he covers why and how he has discovered that reading fluency is essential for reading progress.

If you enjoy his blog, be sure to join us and Tim for his webinar on September 28: "The essentials of developing reading fluency". We hope to see you there!

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Good news for NY State


The “Dyslexia Bill” (A8262/S06581) was passed unanimously by the New York State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on August. 21, 2017.

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Future tense: where’s literacy heading next?


It’s International Literacy Day! As we celebrate the power of words, it’s time to explore how technology has reshaped the true meaning of ‘literacy’...  and to ask what it might look like for the society of tomorrow.

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Bringing Learning to Life


UK secondary pupils face several barriers on their own literacy journey, both at home and in school. Our survey pinpoints the key challenges to literacy that have been identified by over 200 teachers and heads. 

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