A Year (and a bit) with Assistive Technology


This is a guest blog post from Deanna Toxopeus, an Itinerant Teacher of Assistive Technology at Ottawa Carleton District School Board. The original can be found on Deanna's personal blog: Muffins and Shenanigans.

A little over a year ago my son was diagnosed with as being gifted, with a learning disability. Specifically, he struggled with short term memory.  And, like many people with LD, organization is a challenge. I joke that God doesn’t even know where the papers my son is supposed to bring home from school have gone.  I then comment that apples don’t fall far from trees, as I am also gifted LD, although my LD is in spelling.

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Speakers Flexed their Flexibility Muscles at ISTE 2019


With ISTE 2019 come and gone, it’s now time to reflect on what we learned and what takeaways we want to bring back to our communities.

The theme of this year’s conference was “bold educators activate change”. So in reflecting, I asked myself what I learned about bold educators. What do bold educators look like? What are their attributes? How do they impact their classrooms and students? Based on the sessions I attended, I kept coming back to one answer to all those questions: flexibility.

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EduTech 2019 - Inspiration from the depths of a Thai cave


The Texthelp team really enjoyed the EduTech Conference in Sydney last week! It was great to see so many familiar faces and to meet others who are every bit as keen as we are on the power of technology, to personalise learning and to support independent achievement by all students. Of all ages and abilities.

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Bullis Students Make “Math Clocks” Using Texthelp’s EquatIO, Old CD’s and the Laser Engraver


This is a guest blog post from Caitlin Zolet and Stacey Roshan, educators at the Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland. The original post can be found on Stacey's personal blog: techieMusings.

Last May, my colleague — middle school math teacher Caitlin Zolet — was looking to bring some fun and creative expression to exam review for her pre-algebra students. Inspired by math wall clocks, Caitlin decided to have her students pull together skills they had learned over the course of the year to design clocks of their own.

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