August 2016

Help Kids Practice Sight Words with Fluency Tutor for Google


Back in the 1930’s, Dr. Edward William Dolch put together a list of commonly used words that students frequently come across. He found that 220 words made up between 50% and 75% of all words found in children's books at the time.  

Things have obviously changed since the 1930s, but many sight words remain the same. Do a quick search for top 100 sight words and you will instantly find lists of the top 100, 300 or even 1000 sight words, many of which are broken down by grade level. 

Using Fluency Tutor for Google to have students practice sight words is easy as 1, 2, 3… 

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We're enhancing our portfolio with the addition of new digital math tool


We're excited to announce that we've recently acquired g(Math), a math equation and graphing tool which works within Google’s Apps for Education suite, boosting our already strong product portfolio in this space. g(Math), which is a Google add-on for Docs, Sheets and Forms, helps users to create rich math expressions and graphs for direct insertion into Google documents.

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Help your students practice public speaking with Fluency Tutor


Fluency Tutor is the perfect tool to help your students practice public speaking, and build confidence as presenters and speakers in the classroom and beyond. 

Like practicing a speech in a mirror lets students work on their physical presentation, Fluency Tutor allows them to listen to their oral presentation and work on their pronunciation, speed, expression, and more. Students can record themselves and listen back as much as they want, and even share their recording with you for feedback.

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