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Help your students practice public speaking with Fluency Tutor

Fluency Tutor is the perfect tool to help your students practice public speaking, and build confidence as presenters and speakers in the classroom and beyond. 

Like practicing a speech in a mirror lets students work on their physical presentation, Fluency Tutor allows them to listen to their oral presentation and work on their pronunciation, speed, expression, and more. Students can record themselves and listen back as much as they want, and even share their recording with you for feedback.

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First have your students work on their speeches in a Google Doc. This is the best way for them to take advantage of Google’s great collaboration and research features while they’re brainstorming and drafting what they’ll say. When they’re finished writing, these 4 easy steps will put them well on their way to becoming expert public speakers:

1. Open your speech Google Doc
2. Click the green Fluency Tutor Share extension (make sure you’ve got it installed first!)

Fluency Tutor record button

3. Click the Record button and start reading
4. Click Stop Recording when you’re finished

Fluency Tutor, record button

Students can then play back their recordings, click Start Recording to try again, and repeat the process as much as they’d like. They can even download the recording to save to their computer or upload it to Google Drive to share with their peers.

When your students are happy with their recording, they can also submit to you for your feedback. Then you can use the fluency rubric to assess their performance. Or send them your own written feedback, asking them to work on specific things like speaking evenly, or varying the pitch of their voice more. They’ll see your comments and feedback the next time they log into their Fluency Tutor dashboard.

Fluency Tutor is a powerful reading and assessment tool, but there are lots of ways to use it as so much more. How are you using Fluency Tutor with your students? Share with us in the Comment section below.

If you haven't tried Fluency Tutor yet, download the app from the Chrome Store today!


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