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We're enhancing our portfolio with the addition of new digital math tool

We're excited to announce that we've recently acquired g(Math), a math equation and graphing tool which works within Google’s Apps for Education suite, boosting our already strong product portfolio in this space. g(Math), which is a Google add-on for Docs, Sheets and Forms, helps users to create rich math expressions and graphs for direct insertion into Google documents.

The easy-to-use tool is particularly practical for math teachers and those working in STEM vocations as well as students, allowing the quick creation and insertion of formula, graphs and equations into Google Docs. By clicking on ‘Add-ons’, then ‘g(Math)’, users can create expressions using LaTeX or by loading prebuilt functions and customising these individually, for example in the development of lesson plans. Users can also develop their own graphs, then resize and customise them as needed. This software particularly complements our other products by allowing users to make math digital and totally accessible for all students. 

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There's a new Texthelper too...

The agreement also sees the founder of g(Math), math teacher John McGowan, remain truly involved with the product development and roadmap as he joins Texthelp to lead the company’s math efforts. John has 16 years working as a math teacher, and is also a recognised name within the edtech industry, having presented at ISTE and a number of conferences on digital math and implementing technology into classrooms. 

Martin McKay, Chief Technology Officer and founder of Texthelp commented:

“Students are still predominantly using paper to create math and respond to math questions.  We believe that the time is right to provide tools for teachers and their students to create and respond to math digitally.“

John McGowan, Math Teacher and founder of g(Math) commented:

“I’m very excited to partner with Texthelp on this effort.  g(Math) is a tremendously popular tool and we’re committed to supporting and improving the existing free tools and adding a range of premium features focused around UDL and an accessible digital workflow for teachers and their students."


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