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St. Benedict’s students have an appetite for technology

Monday 7th December saw schools and educators celebrate the Hour of Code, encouraging students to take up computer science. 

Here at Texthelp we’re passionate about education and technology so we were delighted to be able to work in partnership with one local school to help teach the pupils there a thing or two about software engineering.

St Benedict’s College in Randalstown, County Antrim share our love of technology and were keen to get their kids involved in coding. As part of their Young Enterprise initiative they were eager to create an app to store recipes for the tasty treats they’d be selling. That’s where we stepped in. We sent some of our finest developers to teach the pupils a thing or two about app development… Not only did the master class help to diversify the ICT skills of the students but it also shone a light on a potential new career path in a burgeoning industry with lots of opportunities. 

Helping kids to develop an app

Our chief Texthelper, Martin is passionate about getting kids involved in engineering at a young age and identified this as a key trend for 2015. He says, “We need more kids studying engineering in Northern Ireland.  These days our watches, radios, fridges cookers and cars are all controlled by software, and the world needs more engineers to develop these things.

Kids learning to code

We have a shortage of software engineers in NI, and a high unemployment problem among young people.   Let’s get smart and prepare these young people for the jobs that already exist in local companies.”

Diarmuid Shivers, Vice Principal at St Benedict’s College says of the project, “We are delighted to strengthen our links with Texthelp, a local IT company with a global reach. As a result of our partnerships with members of the local business community our students are afforded invaluable insights into how the skills they are developing in different subjects transfer to the workplace.”  

This series of coding workshops was warmly welcomed by the pupils at St. Benedict's College who were delighted to see their app brought to life.

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