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Is the EdTech takeover coming to the UK?

Who wouldn’t want to be a student in today’s classroom? Whether you have your own iPad to bring to school each morning or each classroom has a suite of state-of-the-art computers, education in the UK is slowly being revolutionised by EdTech!


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Praise the EdTech!

The great thing about Education Technology is that it levels the playing field for those pupils who would have perhaps previously struggled to keep up with their peers. For those who struggle with reading and writing, tools like Text-to-speech, picture dictionaries and advanced phonetic dictionaries help with everyday school tasks such as reading passages and writing assignments. What’s even better for these students is that they can now use electronic readers in exams, even where reading is being assessed! This means that their hard work year round in the classroom can also now be reflected in their exam grades.

We’re not saying that this Edtech takeover will replace teachers and traditional teaching methods; far from it, these new Edtech tools are there to enhance the great job our nation’s teachers are doing and to even make life in the classroom that little bit easier, they do deserve it after all!

Let the students lead the way

Education Technology is designed to be user friendly and easy to adopt; the simple fact is that most people won’t change their routine unless the tech solution is easier, simpler, and more effective. But what if some teachers aren’t all that “tech savvy”? That’s no problem! Nearly every pupil in every classroom has access to some form of technology in their everyday lives whether that be in the form of a smartphone, tablet device or a games console. So let them take the lead! Introducing peer mentoring schemes and allowing students to take the lead with new technology gives the power over to the student body while alleviating the stress on already time-stretched teachers.

Learning from our peers

So what can we expect from this so called “EdTech takeover” here in the UK? If we look to North America and even Australia we can see that the future of Education seems to be in cloud computing. Huge districts in the USA are already using cloud based servers and technology on a daily basis for everything from school admin to supporting their struggling students and we believe that’s where the UK’s heading. Perhaps not at the same pace as our Australian and North American counterparts but we’ll definitely get there. We can however learn from the stumbling blocks that they’ve encountered along the way and navigate past them with relative ease. 

Beyond the classroom

Technology in the classroom isn’t just about pupils and teachers being the consumers, we want them to also be the creators, whether now or in the future.  As Martin, our CTO mentioned in a previous blog, it’s ever increasingly more important that we teach today’s children how to code and develop software; the world needs more engineers to develop everything that comes along with  with the Internet of Things. Martin says, “These days our watches, radios, fridges cookers and cars are all controlled by software, and the world needs more engineers to develop these things.”


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