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Texthelp’s List of Recommended #TCEA17 Sessions

Next week, thousands of innovative educators will be making their way to Austin, Texas for the 37th TCEA Annual Convention & Exposition. TCEA is “a unique experience that will engage teachers and administrators with the tools, techniques, and resources needed to improve teaching and learning through technology.” If you are looking to learn about the latest educational technology and best practices, this is the conference for you.

To help you navigate the incredible list of sessions, we’ve highlighted a handful that we’re most excited about. Below please find the list of Texthelp-recommended sessions.

Tuesday, February 7:

8:00am: The Write Spot: Google Apps to Facilitate Writing (Premium)
Matthew Kitchens, Ennis ISD (@MatthewKitchens)

Let your student authors express the write stuff by taking their sentences online. We’ll explore committing words to webpage – from Round Robins and discussion boards to screencasting mini-lessons and student portfolios. 

2:30pm: Integrating Google Apps in the STEM Classroom
Nicholas Keith, Lancaster ISD (@NKeithBlend)
Kimberly Lane, Lancaster ISD (@askatechnogirl) 
Knikole Taylor, Lancaster ISD (@knikole)

Google Apps are incredible tools, but how do they support the engineering design process? Receive hands-on experience from a student perspective as you explore using Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms to conduct research, analyze data, present findings, and conduct summative assessments.

4:00pm: So Much Google, So Little Time
Bridget Smiley, Huntsville ISD (@SmileyEdTech) 
Ruth Hutchison, Huntsville ISD (@goldilocks1990)

Did you know that Google Apps can make your life easier? Come get tips and tricks you probably did not even know existed. Gmail, Calendar, and Drive will be covered in this session.

4:00pm: The Teacher’s Guide to Google Classroom
Kasey Bell, Region 10 ESC/Shake Up Learning (@ShakeUpLearning) 

Google Classroom is a powerful application designed to help teachers and student communicate and collaborate, organize and manage assignments, go paperless, and more. Explore the basics, lessons learned, and some tips and tricks. 

Wednesday, February 8:

9:00am: Digital Pedagogy for Deeper Learning
Eric Sheninger, (@E_Sheninger)

Learning should unleash the creativity of our students and prepare them with essential skills for success in a digital world. Come discover how to seize the opportunity inherent in ubiquitous connectivity, an evolving real-time Web, open-source technology, mobile devices, and personalization to implement digital learning across the curriculum with purpose. Come learn how to create a teaching and learning culture that ensures technology is integrated in ways that support high level student learning outcomes and relevance.

9:15am: Google Magic
Amy Mayer, friED Technology (@friEdTechnology)

Don't miss the Google Magic Show with Amy Mayer of friEdTechnology. You won't believe your eyes, or can you? Only you can decide whether these Google tools, add-ons, extensions, and more are too good to be believed...or not.

10:30am: Empower the Disengaged/Struggling Math Student
Fern Johnson, Plano ISD (@trudy_fern)
Clara Alaniz, Plano ISD (@techclara)
Nancy Watson, Plano ISD (@NancyWTech)
Leah Heerema, Plano ISD (@TechKnowLeah)
Harriet Bell, Plano ISD (@hbell_tx)

Your struggling math student can become a confident and self-motivated learner with your own easy-to-make videos, GAFE, and other tech tools. Discover techniques you can use during classroom instruction, tutorials, and anytime your student needs personalized instruction from you.

11:00am: "Student-Center Classrooms" featuring Alice Keeler
Alice Keeler, Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. (@alicekeeler)

Alice Keeler taught high school math for 14 years and currently serves as an Adjunct Professor of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology at California State University, Fresno. She is co-author of the books “50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom” and “50 Things To Go Further With Google Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach,” both of which continue to be top sellers on Amazon in the Computers and Technology Education section. @alicekeeler You may purchase Alice's book, “50 Things To Go Further with Google Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach" during this session in the interactive playground.

1:00pm: Pumpkin-Spiced GAFE
Kasey Bell, Region 10 ESC/Shake Up Learning (@ShakeUpLearning) 

Ready to shake things up with G Suite? Come learn fabulous tips and tricks experts use to make the most of Google tools inside and outside of the classroom. This session is loaded with fun extras to take your Google and collaboration skills to the next level.

1:15pm: Getting Googley: Using GAFE to Inspire Learning
Alice Keeler, Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. (@alicekeeler)

Google provides a suite of tools to help teachers and students be productive and better connected. This session is for teachers who are not familiar with GAFE. Get introduced to Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and Forms. You’ll create documents, sharing them, and collaborate.

1:15pm: Let's Get Personal: Designing PD
Vickie Echols, Duncanville ISD (@vechols)
Amy Mayer, friED Technology (@friEdTechnology)
Misty Mitchell, Hudson ISD (@MistyMitchellm) 
Howell Wright, Huntsville ISD (@howellwright)

Educators need personalized growth opportunities to improve their practice and increase their effectiveness. Join a panel of school leaders and professional development providers to discuss the questions and answers around effective learning sessions for adults in school. 

3:45pm: Tips for Using Google Classroom
Alice Keeler, Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. (@alicekeeler)

Get tips and best practices for using Google Classroom, including reusing a Form instead of copying it and creating collaborative documents. Do not just post your work online, innovate and interact better with students.

Thursday, February 9:

8:00am: Talk Less and Get More with Google Classroom
Alice Keeler, Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. (@alicekeeler)

Examine strategies that create a more student-centered classroom using Google Classroom. Easy approaches to using Google Classroom can make a significant impact on the culture and flow of your classroom.

9:15am: Googliciouss: Learn How (and Why) to Get the Google Certification that's Right for You
Amy Mayer, friED Technology (@friEdTechnology)

Google's Certification programs are better than ever! Learn how, what, where, and why to keep up in the often confusing constantly changing world of Google Certifications with Google Apps PD Partner Amy Mayer, friEdTechnology. 

9:15am: Ditch that Homework
Alice Keeler, Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. (@alicekeeler)

Homework causes severe stress and family fighting with little to no academic benefits. Using technology allows us to use our class time in different ways to reduce or eliminate the need for homework. Improve relationships with students and parents by ditching that homework.

10:30am: 66,000 Devices and Counting
Ann Mansier, Orange County Public Schools (@AnnMansier)
Britt-Marie Schmidt, Orange County Public Schools (@SchmidtOCPS)
Louis Shanafelt, Orange County Public Schools (@ShanafeltOCPS)
Kellen Green, Orange County Public Schools (@kellenwalkerg)
Nancy Biddinger, Orange County Public Schools (@BiddingerOCPS)

The process of becoming 1:1 at Orange County Public Schools, a district of nearly 14,000 teachers and 200,000 students, involves a four-year structured roll out plan with differentiated PD and specific content for each year of the digital journey. 

10:30am: See and Say
Brianna Hodges, Stephenville ISD (@eduTECHtastic)
Amy Mayer, friED Technology (@friEdTechnology)

A picture’s worth 1,000 words. Come explore the power of screenshots, infographics, and screencasts. Take a look at how adding visuals to your explanations can result in more efficient and deeper learning.

10:30am: T-TESS and Technology Can Be Best Friends
Clara Alaniz, Plano ISD (@techclara)
Nancy Watson, Plano ISD (@NancyWTech)

Come learn about tech tools that can help you reach your goals and find out how other educators are helping build the friendship between technology and T-TESS.

10:30am: 25 Smart Things You Can Do with Google Classroom
JP Hale, Taylor ISD (@haleedtech)

Learn at least 25 things you can do with Classroom to increase communication, creativity, and collaboration with students. Come learn the power of Classroom to distribute and collect assignments. We will also briefly examine the common apps associated with Classroom.

1:15pm: Teaching Math with Google Apps
Alice Keeler, Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. (@alicekeeler)

Technology, specifically Google Apps along with the Common Core, changes how students learn math. This session focuses on techniques for using Google Apps in the math classroom.

1:15pm: To Enhance Student Outcomes, Start with Engagement
Steve Wandler, FreshGrade (@stevewandler)
Carl Hooker, Eanes ISD (@mrhooker) 
Brianna Hodges, Stephenville ISD (@eduTECHtastic)
Andi McNair, Bosqueville ISD (@mcnairan3)

Join this panel to discuss parent & student engagement in the learning journey. These experts will explore the impact engagement has on student motivation, productivity & success, while sharing practical advice on how to inspire lifelong learners. 

2:30pm: Geeking Out Over Google Classroom
Kasey Bell, Region 10 ESC/Shake Up Learning (@ShakeUpLearning) 

Geeks unite! Ready to take your Google Classroom skills to the next level? Learn how to maximize the potential of this powerful application in your classroom, including ways to differentiate assignments, create your own custom header, and how to connect your favorite third-party apps to create a more seamless and paperless classroom.

Friday, February 10:

8:00am: Pumpkin Spice GAFE
Kasey Bell, Region 10 ESC/Shake Up Learning (@ShakeUpLearning) 

Ready to shake things up with G Suite? Want to learn the insider tricks that all the Googlers know? Come learn the fabulous tips and tricks that the experts use to make the most of Google tools inside and outside of the classroom. This session is loaded with fun extras to take your Google/collaboration skills to the next level!

So as you can see, there are lots of great sessions for you to attend with lots of great learnings for you to takeaway. If you are at the conference, don’t forget to pop by our booth (#1720) and say hi to our Texthelpers. We look forward to seeing you there!


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