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A new texthelp team is now on the ground in Australia

A big welcome to our two newest Texthelpers as we set up a dedicated Texthelp team for the very first time in Australia! Meet Greg O’Connor and Barbara Landsberg who joined Texthelp at the beginning of June this year and have clocked up a busy first month already.

They bring with them many years of experience in supporting successful use of inclusive learning technologies, as part of the well-known Spectronics team. Along with their years spent working in schools with students who struggle with literacy. They will now be available in Asia Pacific friendly timezones to assist with any enquiries from across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Read on to learn more about how you can connect with Greg and Barbara in the coming months in particular and how they will be able to support you.

Image of Barbara and Greg at Texthelp booth

Greg and Barbara also look forward to meeting up with you in person if you are attending any of the following events over the next few months.

Keeping on the move, they will be in Canberra in August too!

With the recent announcement that all public schools in the ACT are “going Google” by adopting Google Apps for Education (GAFE), our first #GAFEtalk event in Australia will be happening in Canberra on 12th August. It will focus on using GAFE tools to support learners of ALL abilities and students who have English as a Second Language. Our clever Google technologies will be highlighted there too, including Read&Write for Google Chrome, Snapverter and the comprehensive new professional development resource Teach for Google.

“I firmly believe that saying, ‘we’ve always done it this way around here’ is dangerous!” is a quote often shared by Greg in his workshops. So joining Texthelp, a team that innovates around educational technologies which positively disrupt established ways of doing things in classrooms, seemed a logical next move for both of our new Australian-based team members.

Contact Greg or Barbara for guidance in implementing these new technologies, in new ways, to support successful learning for ALL of your students.  They’ll be on hand for Texthelp to help you with advice on the most appropriate tools to support your students’ learning needs, demos, quotes, questions, training and more…

Greg O’Connor


Mobile: +61 417 640 230

NZ Phone: (09) 889 2134

Twitter: @gregoconnor


Barbara Landsberg


Mobile: +61 417 640 755

Twitter: @barblandsberg

Image of Barbara and Greg's business cards


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