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UK Summer holidays have arrived! Here’s our top tips for parents to help avoid the Summer Slide

It’s common for children, especially struggling readers and writers to forget what they have learnt during the school year over the long summer holidays. It’s hard to keep up a reading regime with all the distractions and diversions that come along with the summer months.

Two children reading together outside

So what can you do to help?

Here’s a few fun ways you can help your children to avoid the summer slide and improve their reading during the summer months, and beyond.

If your reader is a little reluctant to sit down and read a book why not try something more active like visiting museums, the Zoo or walking trails. Your child can read out the information on museum exhibits or give you directions while on the walking trail.

When you’re on holidays, send a postcard! Send it to gran, Aunt Rosie or to your pet, just to let them know how your holiday’s going, go on, make them jealous!

Why not try keeping a holiday diary? Get your child to write a couple of lines each day on what they get up to. You can look back over it together at the end of the holidays and talk about what was their favourite part.

Child reading in her bedroom

Have a word of the week! Take it in turns to choose a word out of a hat, keep a tally of how many times everyone in the house uses it and whoever can use the word most in the week gets a prize.

Summer weather letting you down? Bring out the board games! There’s nothing quite like a competitive game of Monopoly or Articulate to get the brain working.

If you’re planning a long road trip, why not download a couple of audiobooks for the kids? It’ll keep them occupied on long car journeys or flights while adding to their vocabulary.

Research has shown that kids who enjoy reading will typically read better than others in their age group. Help develop your child’s reading enjoyment and sign up for the Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge. It’s a great way for kids to keep reading over the summer months.

Don’t live close to a library? No problem! Reading Chest sends books to your home for the kids to read.  When you’re finished, simply send them back and wait for some more!

Looking for that perfect book for your kids’ summer reading? Check out this list of book based movies and get reading!


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