June 2016

Become part of a new age writing vision!

Throughout the year, we chatted to teachers nationwide to understand what their goals were for the year ahead. Not surprisingly,  additional writing support was considered a key strategic goal in the classroom.  Developing a student’s writing early on in the education journey helps build phonemic and phonic awareness.

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Does word prediction technology give students an unfair advantage?


Writing supports – like text readers, text highlighting and word prediction – make educational content more accessible for every student. And of course that includes English Language Learners as well young people with dyslexia and other everyday literacy challenges. 

I’ve heard a few people ask whether these extra supports are somehow ‘unfair’. But in my view, doesn’t everyone need some assistance and encouragement when they’re learning something new?


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New Ways to Score in Fluency Tutor for Google

This week, we are redefining the way you can score passages with Fluency Tutor for Google, giving teachers even more flexibility and control of how they assess their students’ reading. 

Teachers can now score as much or as little of a student’s recording as they’d like, and can check out some new metrics to get an even better picture of how their students are doing. Read on to learn more and check out the video below.

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