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Promoting culture and language through technology

Originally posted by ECIS Podcast, our EdTech Specialist, Patrick McGrath talks to Kevin Ruth, ECIS CEO about how Educational Technology can be used to promote culture and language.

Patrick, our EdTech Specialist, talks to Kevin Ruth from ECIS about how Technology can be used to promote culture and language development. 

In this short podcast, Patrick and Kevin cover everything from the notion of voice and choice to students’ digital literacy, from collaboration to Universal Design for Learning and much more. Patrick and Kevin discuss how giving students’ agency over their own learning journey encourages language development as well as how reducing the cognitive load for learners can boost focus and understanding.

Simply click this link and listen to the podcast through your favourite app.

Did you like what you heard? Drop us a comment below and tell us what you think about the role technology has to play in promoting culture and language development.


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