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Screenshot Reader and More Now Available in Read&Write for Google Chrome

At Texthelp, we are continually updating products with features that customers request the most. With this in mind, we are excited to announce our most recent update for Read&Write for Google Chrome just in time for the holidays. This update brings screenshot reading to help make almost any content accessible, speech input for the web, and a beta Spanish version of Read&Write to increase our supports for English Language Learners. Continue reading to learn more and see a video of the new Screenshot Reader in action.

Image of screenshot reader
Only a couple months ago I was writing about Read&Write for Google Chrome’s 2 millionth user. Since that time we’ve added over 1 million new users, all of which will be seeing a few new features available on their toolbar over the coming days. I’ve listed a bit more information about each below:        

Screenshot Reader
Not all content on the web is made equal. Text that is embedded in images, websites using flash, and other inaccessible formats can be difficult for many to access. Using Read&Write for Google Chrome’s new Screenshot Reader tool, users can simply draw a box around the content they need to read, and enjoy text to speech with highlighting just like on accessible documents and web pages. A few examples of where the Screenshot Reader can be used include:

  • Images
  • Inaccessible PDFs
  • Google Slides
  • Online books
See the video below to better understand how Screenshot Reader works:

Speech Input
Speech Input has been available in Google Docs through Read&Write for over a year now. Recently Google released their own version of Speech Input called “Voice Typing” that seamlessly integrates into Google Docs. Read&Write now uses Google’s Voice Typing inside of Docs. In addition, we’ve added our Speech Input service to the web, so you can dictate into Google Forms, text boxes, search bars and more!

Localized Spanish Support (beta)
A completely localized version of Read&Write for Google Chrome is already available in both French and Portuguese. We are happy to now welcome Spanish to the list! This means users can switch to Spanish and use all features, including Word Prediction, the dictionary, picture dictionary and more completely in Spanish. Support will be available throughout Read&Write, including in Google Docs, the Web, and PDFs. 

All features will be live by December 1st and roll out to users over the next few days. And now through January 8, 2016, we've turned on Screenshot Reader even for all users with an expired trial, so everyone has a chance to check it out.

To update your Read&Write extension immediately you can follow the steps below:
  1. Click the Chrome settings button (hotdog/hamburger button)
  2. Go to More tools
  3. Go to Extensions
  4. Tick the “Developer mode” box at the top of the page
  5. Click Update extensions now
You may also want to check with your Google Admin if they have pushed out Read&Write to the whole domain.

Enjoy giving these new features a try!


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