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Why now is the best time to try Teach for Google

Have you tried Teach for Google™ yet? The professional development system used by thousands of educators wanting to get the most out of Google Apps for Education just launched its newest course “Compare and Contrast” last week. This brings the total number of effective instructional strategy courses to 27.

In addition, a new free “Featured Course” was released and new pricing has been announced (hint: you may want to take advantage of current pricing before the end of October). I’ve included all the details and a quick refresher on Teach in this post.

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What is Teach for Google?

For those not familiar, the site launched earlier this year to fill a training gap for educators using Google Apps for Education. It focuses on instructional pedagogy through Google Apps, going beyond the “how-to” information most online resources provide. Each course consists of an overview video introducing a research-backed strategy, followed by examples, implementation guides, how-to videos and more. Since launching earlier this year thousands of educators have begun using Teach for Google to improve their instructional practices. You can view a short overview video of Teach here.

What’s new…

The most recent updates include the following:

A new premium course - “Compare and Contrast” is a graphic organizer strategy that encourages a deeper understanding of concepts by visually identifying their similarities and differences. This course demonstrates how to deliver the strategy using Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Drawings and is effective at the Elementary, Middle and High School level.

New pricing - The introductory pricing for Teach for Google is set to expire at the end of October. This means that after October 30th, the pricing will nearly double to $39/teacher for an annual subscription. District wide licenses will still be available at a 25% discount. If you are interested in giving Teach a try, now is definitely the time while you can still get it for only $20.

New Featured Course - The Featured Course is an additional free course that is temporarily available for Basic account holders. These are typically available for a short period of time (two to three months) and are just an additional way that users with free accounts can see the variety of courses available. Like all courses, certificates and badges (if applicable) are available upon completion.

If your a Basic account holder and want to take a deeper dive into Teach for Google, this Feature Course is a great opportunity!

You can learn more about Teach and sign up for a free or Premium account (which is available for only $20 until October 30th) at www.teachforgoogle.com.


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