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Read&Write has been given a new medical boost!

This week, we have some really exciting news to share!  From September 1st, Read&Write for Windows will now have the capability to spell check and conduct word prediction with an additional 98,000 medical, and 8,000 pharmaceutical words (UK spellings only at present). 


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This new bolt-on to Read&Write for Windows (v11.5) will help users of our software to create accurate medical reports, patient notes and documents, quickly and easily. 

It’s ideal for medical, pharmaceutical, or veterinary students, professionals and administrators.

Current medical student Josephine Raffan Gower has dyslexia and uses Read&Write as part of her daily studies. She has been using the new medical functions in the software and here’s what she’s had to say:

“The new medical capability of Read&Write is brilliant for me, helping me produce accurate medical documents and reports quickly and easily. No more having to google complex terms or carry heavy medical dictionaries - and no more errors!” 

If you’d like a free trial or any more information on Read&Write Medical, please contact us.


Deena Kimmel 29/07/2019 17:30:50
Hi Karen,

Thank you for your interest in Read&Write for Professionals. Please fill out our brief contact form to get more pricing information:

Thank you,

karen Broad 29/07/2019 16:22:44

I am looking to purchase this for one of my receptionists. How much is it please?, and who do I contact

thank you


Robin Cole 12/11/2018 18:02:17
This is great - When will it be available on the mac side?

Deena Kimmel 12/11/2018 20:04:09
Hi Robin. Thank you for your feedback! We do not currently have a time frame for Read&Write for Mac. I will submit your request to our developers, so they can add it to the backlog. Thanks again! - Deena




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