September 2018

The Growing Demand for Arabic Education in the Middle East


Despite the huge expat population, the Arabic language is alive and well in the UAE. It is embedded in the education system in hopes of cultivating the language even to young, non-native speakers. Fazreen Razeek considers the challenges and solutions for marrying a comprehensive, future-facing educational model with the Arabic language.

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Check out these Back to School Updates to Read&Write


It’s that time of year again! With school back in session, we’re bringing new updates to over 15 million Read&Write users across the globe. Over the next few days, customers will see a new spelling and grammar check tool, additional updates to commonly used tools, and more!

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Read&Write for Google Chrome for the Win!


This guest blog was originally posted on Jen's personal website, Virtual Giff.

My son, who is in the third grade, hates homework. His biggest anxiety in returning to school this year was that he would get a lot of homework. I also hate homework, especially in primary. So last night, when we had to sit down to write a 2-4 minute script for an All About Me project, I was dreading it. Then I realised, I could make this so much easier on him. I spent all this time training teachers on Google tools, why not train my own kid?

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