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In this last blog of our Back to School series, we outline key themes in which our tools can revolutionise day-to-day teaching and learning, illustrate the versatility of the product features that you’ve invested in, and provide valuable resources for you to explore for Back to School.

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Read&Write is more than an accessibility tool and a purple puzzle piece that sits on your network computers! Its features can revolutionise literacy within your classroom - and we want you and your students to make the most of the features on offer. 

Equally, EquatIO extends edtech to maths and STEM so students can benefit from digital tools across the curriculum. Making maths digital, EquatIO transforms mathematics, science and technology subjects into a richer, more rewarding experience for students and teachers alike.

See all the Read&Write and EquatIO resources and links that you'll need for Back to School below. 

Reading comprehension 

Read&Write not only transforms information, helping students to better understand and comprehend what is in front of them so they are in the best position to complete tasks and absorb what is being taught that day. But it also saves you time by instantly providing bespoke materials on an individual basis. 

Student writing 

Prediction and dictionary tools are essential for writing progression. Prediction, in particular aids with sentence structure and writing fluency. And with a dictionary as an additional support, vocabulary knowledge can be expanded and called upon. Let's take a look into the Read&Write features that can specifically support writing in more detail. 

Maths and STEM

EquatIO has revolutionised edtech offered in the maths classroom. We’re working with many teachers to come up with ideas on how best to incorporate this new technology into the classroom, some of which we’d like to share with you below! 

Independent study & revision

We’re firm believers in developing technology that fosters independence for all students - both in and  outside of the classroom. But if students have the tech support they need in the classroom, they should also have the same support for their own independent study, including revision activities. We have a few ideas on how Read&Write and EquatIO can be used during students’ own study. 


Many schools have invested in Read&Write for a number of reasons, but many are unaware that Read&Write can provide that much-needed support during exam time too, in line with JCQ regulations. Here’s what you need to know. 

Curriculum Mapping 

Read&Write provides all the tools students need for support and for learning in one location. At first glance, you’ll discover Text-to-Speech. That’s great for Dyslexic students, right? Absolutely - it’s essential. But it’s also useful for the A Level student working towards a History exam who prefers to listen to questions to increase understanding and then listen to their answers to proof and improve. While Read&Write may be an obvious tool for English classrooms, it can actually be a huge support across the curriculum. So, we’ve taken a couple of other subjects and highlighted how Read&Write can be used within those classrooms as well.

That’s it! We’re at the end of our Back to School blog series. If you’re a customer and have ideas on how our technology can help in the classroom, please feel free to share them in the comments section below or reach out to your school’s dedicated Texthelper. 

Until next year! 


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